Spiritual healing is connection, compassion and love.

Love is flowing in its purest form with the intention to help.

What for and why healing can be useful?

Healing is a unique alternative and/or accompaniment to naturopathy, psychology and conventional medicine. It often helps exactly where other methods struggle. Spiritual healing has no side effects. Spiritual healing does not simply fix diseases or symptoms but removes the causes in the subconscious, in our soul.

90% of people go to the doctor because of illnesses caused by stress. Spiritual healing seeks the cause of illnesses in thoughts, feelings as well as in unresolved traumas, no matter if they were experienced and stored consciously or unconsciously.

What happens during a healing session?

Through my strong intention to help others we form a common energetic field during a healing: two soul patterns merge and the mediation is thus enabled. I do not heal with my own energy. It would have been exhausted long ago. I enter an altered state of consciousness, making something available to you that comes from another dimension and flows through me to you. During the healing session, I first attune myself through deep, conscious breathing. I ask my spiritual team for healing energy. This is followed by a deeper attunement. In this phase I very strongly feel the presence of my spiritual team, followed by a state of silence and deep stillness. The healing current begins to flow. 

How does the healing session proceed?

Make your appointment to allow time for yourself afterwards. The energy transfer itself usually takes 15 min. I feel when the healing current is completed. Most of my clients report a deep calm and relaxation that comes after an initial restlessness. Physical sensations such as tingling, pressure, coughing, deep and relieving breathing, etc. may be felt by you during the healing. You may fall asleep during the energy transfer. Observe without judging. The spiritual world knows where healing is most needed.

During the healing sessionI perceive various information which I explain to you afterwards if you wish to book the healing including the message. These are usually indications of which body parts have been worked on, sometimes messages from the spiritual world, images, smells or feelings, which I describe to you. These can give you valuable clues and help you move forward in the current situation.

You also have the possibility to book the healing session without a follow up.

I also offer healing sessions for groups. I transfer the healing energy to several people at the same time.

From time-to-time I offer a group healing session for free. These are announced here on my Homepage, on Instagram and on Facebook. 

How many healing sessions are needed?

This varies according to each individual. Spontaneous healing is always possible. It is best to observe the changes afterwards. An initial worsening or stronger pain after the healing during 2-3 days is possible. In the case of diseases that have existed for a long time, my experience is that several sessions at intervals of a week would be advisable. The best indicator will be your body and you will feel if another session is needed and at what interval it suits you. 

Absent (remote) healing

Spiritual healing can be applied without touching and over great distance. It works through three different energies: Bioelectricity, Biomagnetism and Biophotons (light in the invisible range).

For absent healing, I am grateful for a photo, as it is so much easier for me to connect with you. I will contact you in writing via Whatsapp/SMS/Mail 20 min. before the start of the healing with the request to confirm that you can also set your cell phone to flight mode and withdraw at the agreed time. After that, I will set my cell phone to airplane mode. If you book the healing session including a personal message, you will receive it after the healing via voice message or in writing.

If you live in Switzerland and wish a contact healing please inform me.